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Ezra Lemarpeh was founded in 1979 by Rabbi Avraham Elimelech Firer, with the goal of alleviating the suffering of the sick and helping their families who care for them. The Organization provides a wide range of medical services free of charge including lending of medical equipment, coordinating and referrals with medical experts worldwide, ambulance services, home care for children with cancer, extracurricular activities for disabled children and more. The organization offers its services to anyone who needs them, from all sectors of the population across the country, and relies on the work of hundreds of volunteers. 

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בית צפורן  

רח' חיד"א 24 פינת רחוב רייך בני ברק

בית לחיים רח' חיד"א 26 בני ברק

טלפון רב קווי 035777000
רמת גן  רח' לב הזהב 10 - בגינת הבושם
טל: 036742622
יד בנימין  אשל 10 טל: 088587713

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